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Match Your Mask to Your Ugly Holiday Sweater

Christmas trees, ornaments, gingerbread cookies, candy canes, you name it. However, is Holiday season really Holiday season without an ugly sweater? You’ve got to dress with some swag to get into the festive spirit! While mask wear in the “new normal” may start to feel tedious, it also means a chance to get decorative. Here we take a look at how you can match your mask to your ugly sweater…

Of course, we’re going with the SchoolMaskPack’s new 3D Holiday Collection, with 5 different masks for each weekday. 

Monday - Santa Beard

Ho, ho, ho. With a Santa beard attached to your mask, is there really any other option than a red sweater? If you want to look Santa-stic for holiday season, take a look at some reds:

Verdict: RED

Tuesday - Gingerbread

With the Gingerbread, I think you gotta go with a white sweater. Just because white is usually the color of the icing on a gingerbread man, so the ginger mask and white sweater combo seems to be more fitting. 

Verdict: WHITE

Wednesday - Reindeer

Oh, deer, here we go. The reindeer mask is pink and vibrant, so it’s only fair if you contrast it with something more sober. And what better color than that of an actual reindeer? It will be Rud-olph you to ditch the browns for this sweater but if that’s a bit dull, you can also hit the pinks to match the mask. Make it rein!

Verdict: BROWN or PINK

Thursday - Snowman

The nose on this mask might be a bit outstanding, but you shouldn’t CARROT all. In fact, you should match that with an awesome, yet ugly, sweater. I was first thinking of an orange sweater to complement the orange carrot; however, I was looking at some pictures and snowmen usually stand out against the blue sky. So, to contrast the glistening white of this mask, I say you go with a dark blue ugly sweater.

Verdict: DARK BLUE

Friday - Elf

Last but not least, the elf mask. You’d be silly to choose anything ELF but your green sweater for this outfit.

Verdict: GREEN

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