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Mask Bag to Keep Your Mask Game Organized

With mask wear now part of our daily routine, it’s important that we have a mask bag to store them at all times. Honestly, if I had a dollar for everytime my daughter Layla lost one of her masks, I’d be a millionaire by now. Because kids are advised to bring multiple masks to school, I started giving Layla a Ziploc bag for all her masks. Still, her masks came home in a little scrunched up mess…

So, I got my hands on SchoolMaskPack’s Two-in-One Face Mask Organizer Bag. This reversible mask pouch has two separate compartments in one bag for clean and worn masks, so you can hygienically keep your daily masks separate. Each compartment fits up to 10 masks, and can easily fit in your child’s backpack.


Kids can easily organize between clean and worn masks, so they know which they can wear now, and which ones need to be washed.


Change up the look! Simply use the snap buttons to use the bag with the icons on the outside or the solid colors on the outside based on your preference.


Helps keep the masks inside dry.


The ‘Wash Me’ and ‘Wear Me’ text, icons and colors are designed to help kids easily understand good hygienic practices. 


Each side of the bag can fit up to 10 masks, ideal for kids who change masks throughout the day or carry spare masks throughout the week.

These are the ultimate solution for mask storage throughout your child’s day. Get your buddy bag now:

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