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5 Tips for Choosing a Mask Kids Will Keep on in School

Let's get real - masks are new for everyone. And with new mask-mandates for in-person learning, getting our children to wear masks for extended periods of time can seem like a daunting challenge. But here are some tips that can help improve their comfort and fit, so they focus more on learning and less on adjusting their mask.

  1. Get them an adjustable mask - the adjuster helps them tighten and loosen the ear straps so it doesn't hurt their ears but also doesn't fall off their face so they don't have to keep touching it.
  2. Get them a mask lanyard for when they do need to take breaks they can keep the mask around their neck and not in their pocket or desk. We love these mask lanyards (with link to the product). They're colorful, convenient, and come with breakaway clasps for safety.
  3. Get them multiple masks - they may need to change after PE or recess into a new clean mask. Always have a back up. The Crayola Kids Mask Packs come in sets of 5. I bought 2 packs for each of my kids, and wash them all at the end of the week. Super easy!
  4. Cuteness doesn't hurt - get them a mask that they like the pattern or colors. It'll help if they feel cool! Our favorite are these fun Tip Faces masks - the kids have so much fun making faces at each other.
  5. Look for breathable masks - comfort and breathability is important. Find a mask that has good airflow.

For our kids, we bought SchoolMaskPack's Crayola mask packs. My daughter loves the silly faces from the Tip™ Faces pack, and my son literally would wear the Mac and Cheese mask from the Craymoji Colors pack if I let him.

They come with adjustable ear straps, so my kids can adjust for their comfort level, but also it tightens so that the mask never falls off their face. The inner fabric is a soft cotton-blend, sort of like a knit t-shirt, that my kids say makes them forget they're wearing it.  

They also have mask lanyards you can use to attach to your mask for ultimate convenience. Ultimately, these are a great solution for kids and all-day mask wear.

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