SchoolMaskPack™ - About Us

About Us

SchoolMaskPack™ was created by a joint "mask force" of former educators, parents, and designers who came together to create the total solution for wearing masks at school. 

We designed our mask packs to be easy to wear, easy to care for, and easy to keep track of as masks become a new part of our daily lives and the "new normal." Because the situation and masks themselves can seem a little scary, we wanted to design innovative cloth, reusable face masks for kids, teachers and adults in fun colors and designs to make masks less intimidating for daily use. 

Let’s Make Caring Contagious

Caring is what drives our product innovation at SchoolMaskPack™.  We believe a diverse and inclusive workforce is the engine behind delivering the most innovative, caring products to children, parents and the learning communities around the world.  Our commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience lifts us up every day.  Diversity fuels our innovation.  Inclusion inspires us to care for one another.  Together, we wear the badge of care for a better world.

"We tried to think through everything to simplify life for parents and kids during this new normal. We hope our mask pack solutions will help ease anxiety, and provide a much needed help across America and the world as we approach this back to school. "  — George Hartel, Chief Commercial Officer


Chris Foster is the CMO of SchoolMaskPack™. He brings global branding experience and thinking to companies, providing expertise and connections that help accelerate innovation and growth. For the previous 20 years Chris has been in senior leadership roles at global advertising companies at the cutting edge of creativity and media.