3 Ways for Comfy Teaching with Masks – SchoolMaskPack™

3 Ways for Teachers to Stay Comfy in Masks

This year has been a learning curve for a lot of things: masks, teaching in masks, gettting kids to wear masks, getting used to wearing a mask for hours on end... the list goes on! For our teachers who are heroically teaching during these unprecedented times, here are 3 tips to stay comfortable wearing masks all day long.

  1. Get an adjustable mask. Use the adjuster to tighten and loosen the ear straps so the mask doesn't hurt your ears but also doesn't fall off your face so you don't have to keep touching it.
  2. Get a mask lanyard for when you need to take breaks. You can keep the mask around your neck and not in your pocket or desk. 

  3. Look for breathable masks - comfort and breathability is important. Find a mask that has good airflow.

I chose the SchoolMaskPack mask, also because I can sometimes match with my kids! These masks have extremely comfortable dual-layer fabric and 3D face design, not to mention their daily 5-mask system perfect for the school week.

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