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Halloween Masks for Your Spooky Outfit

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s about time we started bustling for some spook-tacular outfits. Well in the “new normal,” Spooky Season has new essentials: halloween masks. Conveniently, SchoolMaskPack went out and created fang-cy halloween masks set so you can still live on the fright side - every school day of the week.

We just have to pair these masks with some fang-tastic costumes. So… my kids Layla, Jackson, and I brainstormed a couple outfits that could go with these masks - from Mummyday all the way through Frightday


With the purple tongue sticking out, the Mummyday mask gives off somewhat of a venomous vibe. You want something wicked… and dark to go with this outfit. Dressing up as Ursula from The Little Mermaid is guaranteed to steal the show. Other options include a Dark Angel and as simple as it can get, a ghost.

Your Mummyday Options:

  • Ursula
  • Dark Angel
  • Ghost


Tombsday’s mask has a cheeky grin, so you want to go with a character that’s always up to something. The Joker would suit that cunning feel perfectly, but if you want to stick with the green color scheme, I’d love to see a Shrek or maybe even Tinkerbell. This mask suits the Grinch perfectly, but we’ll save that for SchoolMaskPack’s upcoming Holiday collection.

Your Tombsday Options:

  • Joker
  • Shrek
  • Tinkerbell


When you think Halloween, you think pumpkin. The Witchesday mask is a classic and we wouldn’t blame you for going as a pumpkin itself! Sticking with the orange, you could definitely rock a prisoner’s jumpsuit or a little tuxedo-esque orange outfit to go as Larry from Dumb and Dumber. Good luck finding that orange tuxedo though! I reckon Captain Hook will also work well with this mask. Plus, whoever can pull off Scar from Lion King, I will take my hat off to you.

Your Witchesday Options:

  • Pumpkin
  • Captain Hook
  • Prisoner Jumpsuit
  • Larry from Dumb and Dumber


Ghoulsday once again presents a grin, but this time it’s more malevolent than cheeky. You’re going to want to go for something vicious, perhaps giving me competition in my Maleficent outfit. You could also funk it up and go as Cruella de Vil. If you want to go all out, dye your hair blue and go as Hades! For something simple, you could just pop on a black cloak and go as the switch in Snow White.

Your Ghoulsday Options:

  • Maleficent
  • Cruella de Vil
  • Hades
  • Witch in Snow White


Finally, Frightday! This mask almost looks like it’s stitched together, so we looked for something ragged or ancient. A mummy would actually suit this mask perfectly. If you want to pull off something more extravagant, an Egyptian pharaoh is the way to go. A scarecrow is also not a bad shout to pair with your Frightday mask.

Your Frightday Options:

  • Mummy
  • Egyptian pharaoh
  • Scarecrow

Whatever you plan to pair with your Crayola Halloween mask, we’re sure you’ll look fang-tastic. Comment below about your potential costume!

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