SchoolMaskPack™ - Size Chart

Size Chart

Our Adjustable Secure Fit Design

We specially designed our masks to be adjustable to better fit a wide variety of face shapes and ages. 

Each mask comes with: 

  • Adjustable Secure Fit Ear Straps: simply use the bead stopper to tighten or loosen the strap behind your child's ear. It's easy for kids to adjust and to customize what fit is comfortable for them. 
  • 3-D Face Design: our masks are designed with a curved front to follow the natural curve of the face. This helps the mask fit comfortably around your face.
  • Wire Nose Bridge Clip: in between our dual-layer fabric design, we've added a flexible wire nose clip to help customize the fit around the front of you or your child's face. One extra benefit? When secured around the nose, it helps reduce fogging for those who wear glasses. 
  • Butterfly Closure: we designed a special sewn closure at the end of each ear strap to prevent the bead stopper from falling off when pulled. As the bead fastener is a small part that may pose a choking hazard for small children, we only recommend this mask for children 3 years of age and older. 

How to Measure Your Size

Using a measuring tape (the soft, flexible seamstress kind not a flat ruler), place the tape over the bridge of your nose and follow the natural curve of your face. Use the dimensions from our size chart below to see how the mask will cover your face. Note that our ear straps are stretchy and adjustable to help create a secure fit once the mask is on. When measuring the vertical dimension, start from the middle of the bridge of your nose, essentially where the mask will sit along your nose during wear. 


Kids Mask Size

Our 3-D masks are designed to fit closely and snugly to your child's face to create a secure fit. If you measure your child's face and find you prefer more coverage for their face size or shape, you may consider sizing up to the teen/adult size. 

Teen/Adult Mask Size

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