About Our Adults' Face Coverings – SchoolMaskPack™

Looking to make daily face covering wear easier?
Don't worry we've got you covered!

Official Licensed Crayola™ Products

Our Face Coverings

We care about face covering care! That's why designed a hassle-free pack of 5 daily reusable face coverings for adults and teens 12+.

Why our products?

Color-Coded for Daily Use

Each of our packs comes with 5 unique, color-coded face coverings for daily use, so you have a clean one for each weekday. Then just wash all at once before reusing!

Fits Ages 12+

Because of our unique adjustable design, our face coverings fit a wide variety of face shapes and sizes. Our adult size fits teens and adults ages 12+.

Adjustable Secure Fit

Our 3-D face design comes with adjustable ear straps and a flexible wire nose clip to create a secure fit around your child's face.

Easy Care + Reusable  

Machine washable and comes included with its own mesh laundry bag.