Kids Masks Back-to-School FAQS, Tips and Tricks for Mask Wear at Schoo – SchoolMaskPack™

Kids Masks Back-to-School FAQS, Tips and Tricks for Mask Wear at School The SchoolMaskPack™ 2021 Guide

How do I choose a mask that’s comfortable for my kids? 

Comfort is an important factor for getting kids to keep their masks on during school. We recommend finding a kids mask with adjustable ear straps and a nose wire. Kids can adjust their mask to their face shape, as well as tighten and loosen the ear straps to their comfort level. 

When their mask is comfortably secure enough around their face, this also helps reduce the distraction and fidgeting that comes with a mask that doesn’t fit properly. In terms of size, the mask should cover their nose, chin and have suitable coverage across the face. 

Breathability and soft fabric are also two important factors to make kids masks more comfortable. Look for a mask with soft fabric on the inside to reduce irritation and discomfort against the skin. 

Did you know? 

Our masks were named the Best Masks for Kids by BabyCenter and WIRED Magazine. 

How often should I wash my kids masks? 

We recommend washing your kids masks after every use. Especially if kids have worn them all day at school, it’s good hygienic practice to wash after each wear. 

To save time (for busy parents!), we recommend getting at least 5-7 masks for your kids, so they can have a clean mask for each weekday. Looks for masks that are machine washable, so you can easily toss them in the wash all at once at the end of the week. 

Simply collect the worn masks from your kids each day after school and store them separately, so you don’t mix up clean and worn masks. 

Pro tip: Wash your machine washable masks in a mesh laundry bag to help them keep their shape and prevent damage in the wash. See our mask packs that come included with a free laundry bag. 

How should my kids store their masks when they take them off? 

Kids will likely take their masks off throughout the day for water and lunch breaks. The important step here is to prevent kids from placing their masks on unclean surfaces. 

One popular solution is to attach mask lanyards to your kids masks. These lanyards will keep the mask around their neck like a necklace when it’s not in use. They’re convenient, hands-free, and easy for kids to use. 

Another option is to get a mask organizer bag. This is a bag that kids can place their mask in to store their masks in a clean place. 

How do I comfort my kids about wearing masks? 

If kids seem intimidated by wearing a mask, we recommend finding a design or pattern they love. This will help encourage kids to want to wear the mask if they enjoy the print or color. 

Another tactic is to help kids understand the importance of mask wear, especially during this time. Plus, you can even tell them by wearing a mask, they are like a superhero. 

You can also do DIY activities that show kids, even if they wear a mask they are still themselves. 

Check out these printable resources and DIY activities.

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